The Management

M/s: H.M IDREES H. ADAM (PVT) LTD in the begning established in the name of M/s: H.M IDREES H.ADAM (Individual Member of KSE/PSX) in 1997 and then converted as M/s: H.M IDREES H. ADAM (SMC-PVT) LTD on March 08, 2013 and there after keeping the view to build PVT LTD to deal with local clients. Institutions and foreign clients and follow the prevailing rules, Management decided to come forward with new professional and corporate name and for proper management. Hence M/s: H.M.IDREES H ADAM (PVT) LTD commenced from June 07, 2017

Naveed S/O Idrees - CEO / Executive Director

At present Mr. NAVEED S/o IDREES is the CEO / Executive Director of M/s: H.M IDREES H. ADAM (PVT) LTD. Previous Experience started from where Mr. NAVEED became Individual Member/Broker of KSE/PSX in 1998, and his Brokerage House converted to M/s: NAVEED H.M IDREES (SMC-PVT) Limited in March 08, 2013 thereafter keeping in view and follow the prevailing rules as well as, deal with Clients, Institutions, foreign clients and then management decided to came forward with professional and corporate name for proper management hence converted to PVT LTD namely (M/s: NAVEED H.M IDREES (PVT) LTD) on June 07 2017, beside Mr. NAVEED having many years of stock market experience to promote and focus on Family Business Mr. NAVEED surrender his TREC M/s: NAVEED H.M IDREES (PVT) LTD on Oct 13, 2017 and join M/s: H.M IDREES H. ADAM (PVT) LTD as Director and now designated as CEO / Executive Director.

Imran Idrees - Company Secretary / Compliance Officer / Head Of Operations / Executive Director

At present Mr. IMRAN S/o IDREES is working as Executive Director/Company Secretary in M/s: H.M IDREES H. ADAM (PVT.) LTD since its establishment on June 07, 2017, besides, Mr. IMRAN IDREES having experience of many years in stock as an Agent in H.M IDREES H.ADAM from April, 1999 May, 2013 and then as Director in H.M IDREES H.ADAM (SMC-Pvt.) LTD then (SMC-Pvt.) LTD converted to (Pvt.) LTD and Mr. IMRAN became Director / Company Secretary and now he has designation of Executive Director / Company Secretary.